About Style House Frisco



amanda_embryFor years, I have dreamed of owning an establishment where clients could come to be pampered. An establishment that people can truly call a home away from home. A place where all are welcome and able to experience their unique individuality as well as beauty potential. A place that offers impeccable service with the industry’s best employees. A place that could incorporate “all things style” from salon services, photography, and even a boutique where one can find shoes, jewelry, apparel and more.

I have found that place!

My expertise in all things beauty began 10 years ago in Los Angeles during a stint there with my husband’s career. I was looking for something to get my creative juices flowing while he was chasing his own dream in Hollywood. And that’s when I found my calling as an Esthetician! In addition to my schooling, I also pride myself on furthering my beauty education. Yearly seminars, conferences and conventions around the nation provide a much needed boost to stay trend savvy in the business. I have been featured in The Dallas Morning News and have even had the privilege of working on the “Dr. Phil Show” in a professional capacity. (Between beauty school in LA and Dr. Phil, the stories I can tell…)

My current passions include: 3 beautiful children, my darling hubby, 2 crazy chihuahuas, The Style House, shoes, jewelry and of course eyelashes! Please…never underestimate the power of lashes!

Enough about me. Come see for yourself what we are all about. From our vintage chic décor to the cozy fireplaces throughout, The Style House is unlike any other place around. Prepare to be pampered, polished and tranquil upon your departure. The Style House of Frisco – the home of all things style.

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